Marriage and Sexuality

At Titus House, we welcome and extend God's love to all people, affirming that all are created in His image and infinitely loved by Him. We invite everyone to seek and explore a relationship with Christ while developing relationships with others as part of our community.

In all matters, we look to the Bible as the inerrant Word of God, believing it clearly communicates God's design for life and behavior. Regarding marriage and personal relationships, we believe the Bible establishes the significance and sanctity of marriage as the union of one man and one woman expressed in love, commitment and shared fidelity.

We believe the Scriptures are also clear that sexual relationships outside of this union are inconsistent with God's design. We encourage one another to live by biblical ethics and find grace and healing by submitting to Christ’s ongoing leadership. Our intent is not to focus on specific sins to the exclusion of others, nor to rank or categorize actions or conduct, but to follow His Word as closely as possible in our personal and corporate life.

We recognize that individuals may hold differing beliefs from our stated doctrines. These convictions do not exclude them from being a part of our program. Although we all need God's continual grace and mercy, we ask that those who seek to represent our organization through guiding or leading others would agree with our Statement of Faith. In addition, we challenge people seeking these roles to be on a path of continually submitting to Christ's leadership with a desire to adhere to biblical truth through His power and strength.